How to be more active if you really (really) hate exercise

Active April is underway. The Victorian government are challenging us to do 30 minutes of exercise, every day in April. Plus, they’ve partnered with local businesses, to offer you discounts (scroll to the bottom to find out exclusive events near Mornington).

But for some of us, the mere thought of pulling on runners fills us with dread. You’re not alone. Over half of us in Australia aren’t getting enough exercise. This Girl Can Victoria, a campaign encouraging women to get more active found that for women, this is far more likely to be for fear of worrying what other people think.

Use Active April as your inspiration, or start any time of the year. These tips will help to get you going:


Perfectionism is the enemy

We often have such high expectations for ourselves that we actually become inhibited from doing anything for fear of disappointing them. Any type of activity has benefits, so just show up. That’s your goal. Everything else will follow.

Get a partner in crime

Buddy up with someone at work. Rope your partner in. Swap your catch up with your bestie for a quick gym sesh (you can always still have a drink after). It keeps you accountable, motivated with some friendly competition and makes exercise more sociable.

You could exercise and keep fit in Mornington by having a walk along the beach

Change one thing

Set the bar low and don’t overwhelm yourself. One little lifestyle change should be enough to start with to maintain as a long-term habit. Walk instead of drive or make an easy healthy switch in your diet. Focussing on the one thing will make it easier to manage and keep you motivated by ticking off small daily victories.

Here’s some simple ideas:

  • Always take the stairs (no excuses)

  • Park further away

  • Play with your pets

  • Take a walk while on the phone

  • Carry your shopping

  • Sit on the floor while watching TV, and stretch

Tune in

Got a book you’re desperate to read or favourite podcast you always listen to? Make a rule that you’re only allowed to tune in when you’re walking or jogging. You might find you’re tempted to get out and about far more often when you’re left on a crime thriller cliffhanger.

Don’t focus on looks

Think of the old adage about the journey rather than the destination. Honing in on looking a certain way shouldn’t be your sole motivation. Instead, focus on the positives. Think about how you’d like to move, play and feel. Do you want to have more energy to play with your kids or feel calmer and more restful? Do you wish you could do a handstand? Do you love to dance? These will all help you make your new habit stick as something you truly enjoy doing.

Veggies are an easy tip to keep you feeling fit and healthy

Eat more vegetables

To keep yourself in the healthy, energetic mindset, why not try this simple tip. There’s so much advice out there from a myriad of diet industries (with a vested financial interest in you trying their specific idea). However, one thing stays consistent:

  • Low carb: Don’t eat sugar or bread and eat more vegetables.

  • Paleo: Eat lots of meat, don’t eat grains and eat more vegetables.

  • Calorie counting: Don’t eat too much rubbish and eat more vegetables.

  • Mediterranean: Eat olive oil, occasionally fish and more vegetables.


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Anna Foster